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METHOD is an original comedy series created by Australian writer/actors, Jerome Velinsky and Tawni Bryant and (unfortunately) based loosely on their personal experiences as out of work actors in Melbourne.

The series follows Emma and Ryan; two best friends and two of the worlds
finest actors... except nobody knows it yet.


Em and Ry work every job under the sun to pay the bills, whilst taking the term 'method acting' to a whole new level and never wasting an opportunity to hone their craft; no matter what the consequences may be. 

This ambitious, passionate and slightly delusional duo take the audience on a ride through tragic hilarity and anxiety inducing awkwardness in every episode, as they take no prisoners and never take no for an answer. 

Underneath Ryan and Emma’s desperate need to book a darn acting job, is a beautiful and eminent story of friendship. The series unforcedly lluminates the adage that “It’s better to be at the bottom with your best friend, than to be alone at the top!”… Either that or “We ride together, we DIE together” It really depends on what day…

Initially being born out of an ambitious Kickstarter campaign (original pitch video below), Method later garnered the attention of Screen Australia, being awarded as a recipient of the Multi-Platform funding initiative in 2017. Method season one recently took out the 'Best of spotlight' award at the prestigious Melbourne WebFest.

Although Method is a show about two actors, it’s definitely not just
for actors and the comedy is universal and accessible. Everyone will be able to relate to these endearing characters, desperately trying to get what they want, yet always finding themselves caught in the most tragically hilarious situations that we have to watch them claw their way out of.


Jerome Velinsky

Tawni HS 2018 -2.jpg

Tawni Bryant

(Co-creator, Writer, Co-Producer, Co-Director, Actor)

Jerome Velinsky is an actor/writer and director who has worked extensively 
in Australia and abroad. At just19, Jerome
was cast in his first feature film role, alongside Australian greats - Guy Pearce, Miranda Otto and Sam Neil, in the controversial film ‘In Her Skin’. 

From 2012-2014, Jerome worked as an actor in Canada and the US, working on several major US and Canadian productions including ROGUE (E1 Entertainment) and Backstrom (20th Cent. Fox).


 Since re-locating to his home country, 
Jerome has appeared in the hit channel 9 comedy series ‘Here Come The Habibs!’ and most recently portrayed the notorious 'Marco Capobianco' in Channel 9's powerhouse drama, Love Child.

He is currently in pre-production for his
self penned feature film 'Stage Four'.


(Co-creator, Co-Producer, Co-Director, Actor)

Tawni Bryant is an award winning actress, and an ADG Nominated director for the series Method. She most recently co-wrote, produced and starred in 'Lucy', a comedic short film which was selected in the top 100 films for TROPFEST 2016, and took out four awards on the festival circuit, one being 'BEST ACTOR' overall for Tawni, at the Peninsula Short Film Festival in 2016. 

Tawni has worked extensively in Australia as an actress, on shows such as 'Fat Tony & Co', "The Slap', & most recently portraying Vanessa Santos in the final season of Winners & Losers. If you keep an eye out, you'll also see her as a fiery red head, in the new Metamucil TVC, playing the role of 'Meta'.

Kristin Sargent

Producer / Line Producer

Kristin is an award winning Australian producer, writer and actor. A 2015 New England Emmy nominee, Kristin has won many awards for her short films and has worked extensively as a producer and production manager on TV commercials, music videos and online content.

Kristin is the founder of 'A Blonde Skye Productions' and also works full time at Guerrilla Creative. She is currently a production manager on the upcoming SBS series 'Shane's recipe for life' and has been described as a breath of fresh air in the Australian TV and Film Industry.

Cast Includes:

Don Bridges
(Romper Stomper, 
Blue Heelers,

Kaarin Fairfax
(Bed of Roses,
Holding the Man)


Frank Magree
(Romper Stomper,
Bed of roses,
House Husband)


Jasper Bagg
(THOR: Ragnarok,
The Straits,
Bed of Roses)


the team

Watch the kickstarter video here

how it all started

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